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                     APPLE SHADOW ??
...is the oldest Apple products reseller on TOR. We guarantee our products are 100% new with original packaging. All iPhones are unlocked and can be used with any carrier.


Why are your products so cheap?

Our pricing structure becomes easy to understand once You are aware of the ways these products are obtained: by buying them from thieves in physical locations (in rare cases) or, usually by carding on popular internet marketplaces such as Amazon, TigerDirect or eBay Stealing is self explanatory. Carding, on the other hand, is more complicated. It is the activity of using leaked Credit Card or PayPal details to order items from the aforementioned marketplaces. Effectively, we are able to obtain many popular items of merchandise at a fraction of their actual retail price and profitably resell them for cryptocurrency.
Can we use an escrow service?

Yes, finally we found the marketplace with a reliable escrow service that would work with us.

Then why don’t you just sell these items for full price on eBay instead?

As You may already be aware, our service exists on the Tor network whereas eBay and other similar marketplaces belong on the Clearnet, otherwise known simply as the World Wide Web, or the ordinary Internet. Dealing on the Clearnet involves exposing oneself, which is obviously undesirable in this case as lots of unaccounted merchandise is a giveaway of potentially illegal activities. The Tor network allows for a high level of anonymity and enables us to receive more items and store them away from the eye of law enforcement. Therefore selling them as quickly as possible is a logical choice -nobody will buy a stolen item for the full price and likewise we will profit more by selling cheaply and in bulk.

How can I trust you? Where’s the guarantee that I’ll receive my items?

The truth is, nobody can guarantee anything. It is especially true with the Tor network..We do strive to provide the best Deep Web discount service ever as our customers mean everything to us. That is our promise. Also, as You may already know, bad rep overtakes good reputation and spreads much more quickly by extension meaning that disappointing a few customers might leave us at a great disadvantage in our future dealings. We have worked so hard over the years to establish this operation and simply are not in the position to risk our business. For complete peace of mind, You may refer to customer reviews on the product page, which are visible 24/7. Another very important thing is that you deal here via marketplace who is responsible for the smooth deal and will refund you in case we fail to fulfil our part. Ultimately, it is up to You.

Is there a chance that the phone I am ordering will get blocked?

No. None of the retailers we buy from register the serial numbers or IMEIS of their stock individually; however, in case it happens, we will issue You a full refund upon receiving proof of such occurence.

How long does it take for an item to arrive?

It depends on several factors: the amount of it we have ready in stock (if any), the type of the item, and the actual shipping time it takes to arrive at Your destination. For example, the typical time it takes for an iPhone XS to reach a home in the US or Europe is around 7 days from ordering to it appearing on Your doorstep (express delivery option).

Are the phones you sell the real thing or just knockoffs? Are they locked to a specific carrier? Will they work in my country?

Selling ‘knockoffs’ would kill our business off momentarily and does not make sense again, considering the way in which the phones are obtained (read above). All of the phones we sell are factory unlocked, otherwise known as ‘neverlocked’ and can be used with all GSM carriers worldwide.

I’m in Europe, which uses a 230V outlet instead of a 110V like in America.

For European and Asian customers we will ship from one of our alternate locations within the EU, which means that they will receive an item which was meant for their home market. In any other case, a problem like that can be solved by simply using the correct mains adaptor, which will usually be included.

Also, what about taxes?

As for the taxes, Americans, Canadians and citizens of the EU will not have to pay any import duties. In all other cases, the items will be declared as gifts of a lesser value or items sent back for warranty repairs and will not be insured to minimize or eliminate any import costs for You.

Do you provide tracking numbers? Who do you ship with?

Yes. USPS, DHL Express

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thank you guys for my new iphone <3 love you!

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To Africa in 6 days. Thanks for the speed, friends!

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I'm happy with everything you have here and it's good, because the main thing is comfort. Payment only on your site and no problems with customs. Delivery just in time and to my house. Perfect!

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Thank you very much! headphones are just a bomb! good and prosperity to your store !!!!!!!!

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Bought for shipment to Chile, arrived in 7 days. The product is flawless. As the publication indicates. I fully recommend it. Would buy again. 5 stars for SHADOW APPLE

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This awesome phone! Seller A+++

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THANK YOU! the phone was delivered by DHL. the courier knocked on the door and handed the parcel! I unpacked and saw the phone! Packaging in perfect condition! No scratches! took out the phone, checked it! everything is perfect! Thank you so much!

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I keep reselling these phones and made a good chunk of money doing so. Hope you will provide same perfect service as always.

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To my surprise, a test order was received by me today. expect a new order from me guys!

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After long research, the purchase was made in your store. Delivery times I was surprised, but I also surprised that I did not deceive me :D My family goes from Androids to iPhones :))) :***

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The camera has pleased me with its shooting quality, has never frozen and overall a great gadget for the money. thx!